Sour Crouch Says "Shut Up & JAM​!​"

by Sour Crouch & The Xenophobes

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    This be - Sour Crouch Says "Shut Up & Jam!" (Ft. The Xenophobes) - Songs for Dat ass.
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Sour Crouch extends his mind feelers outward and manipulates tools to create sounds. Sounds which reverberate down a microphone and are transmogrified into binary code. Code which then flies trough the atmosphere and via a device, into your ears.

Album length collection of demos. Made entirely in Sour Crouch and R.L.'s bedrooms using Audacity and Fruityloops. Raw as smack in the face. Yo.


released May 15, 2013

Sour Crouch - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Programmed Beats, Percussion
R.L. Xenophobe - Guitar, Vocals, Diddley Bow, Harmonica, Kazoo, Digeridoo, Rainstick, Percussion
Marianne F.V.R. Xenophobe - Guest Vocals on 'What Marianne Did Next'



all rights reserved


Sour Crouch & The Xenophobes Gillingham, UK

Whimsical Absurdist Blues from The Mind Of A Crackpot!

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Track Name: Marianne
Little while back
I was backpacking on an alpaca
and I came to a clearing
in the dark
and I see a naked woman
she's beautiful
the moonlight glistens off her body

She turned to me, Screaming. Sweat running down her face
She's clammy
and her hair is knotted
I ask her "why are you out here...naked and alone?"
She says to me.
"I am runnin'"
I say "Why?"
And as the moonlight shimmers on her body
with her clammy skin
and knotted hair
She says to me" I am running from my man, he means to end me"
"Why?" I ask her.
"I gone slept with his father, I had no money, No home, My man had no job, just drinkin all the time and now his love's turned to hate
he wants me dead"

I looked at her
Like a man looks at a woman
when he's got that longing down below

Before i could speak
Her husband. Sillhouetted in the moonlight. Riding an Ox.

I looked at maryanne
Like a man looks at his own death
Like a rabbit in ox shaped headlights.

"You're fucked"

She stood there in disbelief
Moonlight wrapped around her curves
Knotted hair

And with that I mounted my alpaca and left her there.
Track Name: Unholy Sea Slug From Below
I got no woman
To rest my legs on.
And if I did honey
Well..would I be singing this song?

The unholy sea slug
Hanging inbetween.
Keeping me limber
And I'm keeping em keen!

I got a sea slug,
And its dangling low
And if you're scared
Well you fucking should be

I got no woman
To rest my legs on.
And if I did honey
Well..would I be singing this song?

The unholy sea slug
Hanging inbetween.
Keeping me limber
And I'm keeping em keen!

And that's all she wrote.
Track Name: Boom Shank
Track Name: Wincest
Playing the game
I want to win
you win or you die
so put it right in

Keeping it pure
Keeping it clean
castalie rock
always makes me cream

Fuck my sister
Fuck my brother
Fuck my mother
Fuck my Father

This is wincest
This is jackpot
My sisters so fine
I ram her a lot

Fuck my sister
Fuck my brother
Fuck my mother
Fuck my father

My children are born
With flippers and horns

My children are born
With flippers and horns
Mutant children
Lannister loins
I pay off the guards
and kick little lords.


And who are you, the proud lord said,
that I must bow so low?
Only a cat of a different colour that's all I know

So he said
and so he said
that lord of castomere,
but now the rains weep o'er his halls with noone there to hear.
Track Name: Multi-Tentacled Woman
My Multi-Tentacled woman,
she brings me no joy,
takes me out in the forest,
and uses me as a toy!

Using one arm on me,
She's got 15 other men on the run,
With tentacles marked 2 through 16
And I'm tentacle number 1!

I digress,
It's a mess,
I don't have a clue,
how to get outta this.

I'll have to kill that bitch,
even though it's gonna make
one hell of a mess

My Multi-Tentacled woman,
And I've got no hope,
Take my body for a joy ride
and fillin' it up with so much dope!

and that's bad
so bad
so bad
but it feels good
feels gooood
feels gooood.

She's my Multi-Tentacled woman,
praying to the old gods of below,
she attacked me with a pickaxe,
then I split her skull,
I'm not having any more!
Track Name: What Marianne Did Next
Y'know when you're naked in the dark
In the middles of the desert, sweating like a bitch on heat?
Y'know when you're running from a man,
a man who means to kill you?...

Oh so you don't know?

Well.. when you're in that position you'll understand that there's very little a girl can do in the moonlight
When the only guy in 100 miles,
Riding the only alpaca in the state
Has just fucked off and left you...
In the darkness
all alone
waiting for certain death

But what I, Maryanne (that's my name) did next will blow your tiny little mind.
This story'll get you so worked up you'll be sweating like a whore in a church.

So there I was in the moonlight, I hear the shrill bellow of my husband's call. I look longingly into the eyes of the mystery man before me on his long necked fury friend, wearing only what God gave me and the cunt just turns his back.

"Maryanne" my husbands voice is crawling up around my back like a snake winding it's smooth reptillian skin around my neck.

The last thing I saw before the bullet reach my brain was that Alpaca's ass bobbing up and down in the distance.

But that pretty Alpaca's ass is calling me back.